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The New Testament

*** This is not the Bishop Challoner revision of The New Testament, this is the first and original Douay Rheims New Testament***

The original Douay-Rheims Bible, first published in 1582, stands as a significant landmark in the history of English Bible translations. This version, without the later revisions made by Richard Challoner, was a collaborative effort between several Catholic scholars.

The Douay-Rheims Bible of 1582 was primarily a translation of the Latin Vulgate, the authoritative Latin text of the Bible used by the Catholic Church. The project was undertaken at the English College in Douai, France, where a group of scholars, including Gregory Martin, diligently worked on rendering the sacred scriptures into English.

The translation aimed to provide English-speaking Catholics with a reliable and accurate version of the Bible that aligned with their faith and the teachings of the Catholic Church. It was a labor-intensive task, involving meticulous scholarship and attention to detail.

The original Douay-Rheims Bible exhibited a formal and majestic style of language, reflecting the ecclesiastical traditions of the time. The translators strived to preserve the solemnity and reverence of the biblical text, while also ensuring its accessibility to the English-speaking audience.